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The Rural House “La Fragua” is located in Villanueva de Gómez (Avila), it is a rural house with complete accommodation, with a capacity of 10 beds. [Official number CRA-AV-999]

Calle fragua 2, 05164 Ávila ES

+34699658892 +34666593573
The Rural House “La Fragua” was born from the dream of its creator Félix López, to have a rustic-style house in his hometown and which he could enjoy with family and friends, and make his tenants enjoy both the house as from his people. It all began approximately a few years ago with the purchase from the town blacksmith of his old forge and dovecote, now in disuse. At that moment, a complete and complex rehabilitation begins, which preserves the original adobe of the construction, and which changes and modernizes all aspects of the house, down to the last detail.


One-Bedroom House

10 Adults

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Our Guests Say:

Spectacular rural getaway weekend with family and friends. Very close to Ávila capital. The house is completely restored with very good taste and also maintains the essence of an old forge, very cozy, we recommend it 100% and we will return for sure.